“I can’t afford a deposit for a house and get engaged too!”

We hear this all too often and we understand the challenges in this financial climate. We understand the current housing crisis and the challenges faced by young couples today. We know weddings can be expensive.  

We create high quality jewellery to celebrate life’s special milestones.  We offer affordable and ethical, natural and lab grown diamonds and gemstones.  We curate a bespoke experience for each client based on their individual needs. Most importantly, WE LISTEN TO YOU, we don’t mass produce and we don’t cost the earth.

We take pride in using traditional jewellery practices combined with modern technologies, while prioritising customer relationships, offering guidance and education throughout the process. Our mission is to make every customer feel valued, allow them to purchase with confidence, and introduce them to a modern practice of jewellery making. 

From the first email or phone call, through to your consultation, and finally collecting your custom made piece, we are committed to you, our client, and ensuring that your journey with us is a smooth and enjoyable experience, every step of the way. 

Love is at the heart of what we do.